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Welcome to my website showing my Autograph Collection.

In this latest version I have categorised my autographs in the following groups:

Actors & Actresses: Simply people best known as an actor. It does not include people who have done an occasional acting role but are best known for other work.

Presenters: People best known as TV and/or Radio Presenters. It does not include people who have presented shows but are best known for other work. It does include TV Chefs & Strictly Come Dancing Dancers & Judges.

Comedians: People best known as Comedy performers, Stand-ups etc. It does not include Comedy Actors who will be in Actors/Actresses.

Music: People/Groups best known for their music.

Sport: Sports stars.

Other: Includes Models (people best known as a model), Behind The Scenes people (screen writers, directors, producers etc.), Comic Book artists & writers.

Anybody who could justifiably be in more than one category will be mentioned with a guide to where they can be found.

All autographs will be alphabetised by First name.

Click on the images to enlarge, they will have the person’s name and also a little code indicating how I obtained the autograph.

IP = In Person

TTM = Through The Mail (after writing to the person)

OWP = Official Website Purchase

VP = Venue Purchase (Merchandise stand at show/gig)

SP = Shop Purchase

EP = Ebay Purchase

G = Gift (this includes IPs obtained for me by other people and competition prizes)

If I have a photo with any of the stars then it will appear after the item(s) I had them sign when I met them.

Newest additions to each page are highlighted in red

Last Update 6th January 2018

As you may have noticed. The galleries on the site have stopped working correctly. I will eventually re-design the site but in the meantime I shall only post new entries in the “Who’s New” section.